About Us

Servant Films was formed when Jeff Behan, founder of VisionTrust Communications, joined with his brother, Brad Behan, to focus on their passion for storytelling through film. Together with long-time cinematographer, editor, and friend Matt Cincoski, the Behan Brothers decided to team up and offer their unique skills and experience to help organizations and companies of all sizes tell the stories that define who they are and, more importantly, what difference they make in the world.

About Our Work

The videos available for viewing on this site have all been produced by members of our team. Most were produced by VisionTrust Communications’ video production team. Two notable exceptions are “Project Ubumwe” (a Lumi Filmworks production, shot and directed by Thabo Wolfaardt, edited by Matt Cincoski and produced by Thabo Wolfaardt, Melanie Blair, Kenneth Eng, Jeff Behan, and Matt Cincoski) and “God’s Calling” (co-produced and directed by the Behan Brothers, shot by David Grauberger, and edited by Matt Cincoski.)

Our team has filmed all over the world and we’re equally at home in studio or in the most remote places on the planet, like war-torn Central African Republic where we’ve filmed on behalf of VisionTrust International, a non-profit co-founded by Jeff Behan.

Clients and audiences often say it’s our ability to connect to the people in our stories that sets our productions apart. All we know is we love what we do and we think it shows.

Our Production Partners